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Thanks for the Love

Advice from Samantha is always honest and heartfelt. She is amazingly patient, kind and a wonderful listener.  For years, Sam has counseled me on all aspects in my life from dating to marriage to career and now raising a family. I trust her judgment implicitly.

- Shira, New York, NY

First of all, I want to thank Samantha for her help and guidance in the dating process and completely changing my outlook on dating. I began working with Samantha when I realized I was having a lack of confidence and hard time getting back into the dating scene. As our start date neared, I was excited to begin dating again but was scared on how to begin the actual process. As I started to work with Samantha, I was really impressed to see how she gave me all the right steps and guidelines to break my bad dating habits and have more confidence in myself.

Samantha's love, enthusiasm and passion are contagious as she helped me get back in the dating game. Its fantastic to have someone like her guide you in the right direction. Her advice always comes from her heart and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. 

Moving forward in my love life I feel that Samantha has given me the tools and guidance to make the right decisions on dates and in relationships. I now know what I’m looking for and I am excited about sharing my life with someone special. I would recommend Samantha's coaching to anyone and everyone!

- Fallon, Miami, FL

Samantha is a very approachable person, I felt confident and secure talking with her from the very first day I met her. As our meeting date neared, I was excited to start my journey, but I was privately shaking in my boots waiting for my boyfriend to put a ring on my finger. I needed guidance and help exploring how to really deal with what I wanted and when it was coming.  I was really impressed by Samantha in her skill to recognize both sides of the story I was telling her. I left our meetings together feeling reprieved of certain thoughts.  She definitely made me see things in a clearer perspective.

C.G., Miami, FL

We were ready to work with Samantha because we were stuck in a rut.  After our first session with her, we were hooked.  We were excited to finally get the guidance we needed to rekindle our relationship.  We felt like we still loved each other but completely lost the spark.  We were nervous to just let it all out, but Samantha made us feel completely comfortable.  She is warm and honest and knows what she is talking about.   We have that spark back and for that we are forever grateful!  Trust us - Samantha rocks!

-  Liz and George, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I decided to work with Samantha because it had been 5 years since my last major relationship and I was ready to get out into the dating world again.  I just didn’t know how.  As our start date neared, I was excited about having someone coach me in an area of my life that I knew I needed help with.  As our work together progressed, I was impressed my Samantha’s ability to pinpoint what I was doing wrong and helping me build confidence when it came to me and my love life.  I am now in love and have Samantha to thank.

Morgan, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I needed some guidance and confidence in meeting men in my personal life. I had heard great things from a friend of mine who worked with Samantha so I decided to try it for myself.  As our start date neared I was getting more and more excited to meet Samantha. Via phone and email she sounded so warm and empathic...all my nervousness dissipated.  I was thrilled at this new opportunity.  But I was privately shaking in my boots about what would Samantha REALLY think of me? Would she like me? Would she think I was an exception? I really had no idea...but overall I had inner faith and was pumped to begin working with her.

As our work together progressed, I was really impressed at how easily she understood me. She never told me what to do.  Samantha offered me some alternatives and suggestions that I could do differently within my love life. I felt so easily understood and very thankful. 

There is not one BEST thing about working with Samantha.  There are so many positives about her coaching style. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Samantha never judges and has this warm and bubbly nature that is addicting. I looked forward to each and every one of our meetings.
If I could change one thing about my experience it would be to open up more and be more willing to disclose issues that are worrisome to me. 

Advice from Samantha is ALWAYS straight from her heart.  Moving forward with my love life I am feeling HOPEFUL. I am a different woman because of Samantha's impact.

I have already recommended Samantha to others. She has helped me in so many ways and I know she can help others find happiness within themselves as well as be open to finding love in their life.  Please share all my thoughts with others :)

Celine, Hollywood, FL