Samantha flex

My Journey

I am a Counselor at Law turned Counselor at Love. Sounds confusing? It sure does and I sure was.


Growing up in a family of physicians, I knew from a very early age that I wanted a career that made me proud, one where I could help people every day. In college I realized that medical school wasn't for me, experienced politics and went to law school to become a lawyer.   Throughout my entire time in law school and my 3 years practicing law, I felt that something was missing. I think I knew deep down that law was not for me but I was scared and confused. That is until, one day, I chose to quiet my mind, listen to my heart and follow my inner voice that told me I was meant for something else.


I went back to where it all started – wellness – just wellness as defined by me. I became certified as a holistic health coach and was introduced to a world of like-minded people- people who saw the world as bigger than themselves, people who were looking to make a positive impact on everyone they crossed paths with. I knew I was meant to be part of this equation and that my contribution to the world would be a throwback to love.


I knew that love was my calling because it has always been the one area of my life where I never held back. Love always came very naturally to me- it has always been the stronghold in my journey to profound happiness.  No matter how I felt about myself, I always felt there was room for love in my life.



I innately have always known that love is part of the human experience.  I always wore and still wear my heart on my sleeve.  I was lucky that at a young age I experienced love, heartbreak, insecurity, wondering if it was me or it was them, wondering where a relationship would go, wondering why it ended, and all the other trials and tribulations that accompany the ins and outs of relationships.   Throughout my different experiences and the time in between I often thought about who I was without love.  Was I enough?  Could someone love me just as I am?  How much would I love myself to truly love someone and them love me in return?


Once I started to follow my heart, everything became clear to me very quickly. I became a Certified Matchmaker, Dating, Relationship, Life and Holistic Health Coach, left my career as Counselor at Law and officially stepped into the role of Counselor at Love and I am loving it! 


I am also living my dream love life.  I am married to the man of my dreams and we have the most beautiful and healthy twins! 


Do you want more love in your life? SIGN UP NOW for a free 30-minute consultation with me to begin the process. If for nothing else, do it for the love of love.