Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Time

It’s #ThrowdownThursday and you know what that means? It’s time to talk about a topic that has rolled into my mailbox, in conversations and pretty much from the time I could even think about a serious relationship, Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Time.  In fact, my first conversation EVER about this topic was in high school with a more religious woman who already had marriage on her mind.  It’s amazing  that at 16, my high school friend had thought about the idea that we could have more than one love in our lives and that when it comes to love timing is everything.  Clearly she was ahead of her time! 

Since that conversation, I have had the opportunity to experience love and have these ideas come to fruition.  I think it is possible to to be with Mr. Right, Mr. Right Time and a combination of both throughout your life.  I know this because I have experienced all three.  

Looking back, I am thankful for that first conversation at 16 because since then I was made aware of the possibility that I may have more than one love in my life.  This brought a new sense of awareness to what it means to love someone and share my life with them.  Now, I work with people who ask me all the time if they will ever have a great love or ever love someone the way they loved an ex.  My answer is always the same and that is to understand yourself enough to know the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Time.  This further translates into Mr. Perfect and Mr. Good Enough, but that is a topic for a different day.

My advice is very simple: Don’t keep waiting for Mr. Perfect to show up at just the Right Time.  The truth is he probably won’t! And I think that is ok and a real truth about love.  We end up at different times in our lives when we decide we are ready for love and ready to commit to someone for the long haul.   I know this may sound far out, but when you are ready, the universe will present you with just the right guy or gal.  It takes building self-awareness to recognize that.  The universe has a funny way of presenting you with just what you need and he or she may not come in the package you thought you wanted.  This is where loving yourself and when all that inner work you do will come in handy!  

Ultimately, I believe that deciding whether your current love is  Mr. Right or Mr. Right Time has more to do with you, than them and that in the end, it may not even matter. 
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Samantha is a Counselor at Law turned Counselor at Love. She describes herself as a personal trainer for your love life and is a self-professed love junkie. Samantha’s mission is to get the world living their life in love through her work as a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach. Samantha’s approach to love is holistic in that she believes that everyone’s recipe for successful relationships is unique. Between her passion for love and dedication to her clients, she will literally rock your love world. Samantha maintains certifications in Matchmaking and in Holistic Health, Relationship and Life Coaching. Samantha also has a Juris Doctor and is a member of the Florida Bar. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and their beautiful twins.

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