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radioavatarI am Samantha Flax for Holistic Fashionista Radio. I am a Counselor at Law turned Counselor at Love and I am on a mission to get the world living in love through my work as a matchmaker and dating and relationship coach. Modern Love Radio is a place to talk all things love for business trendsetters. Let’s face it, when it comes to building a business and finding love or maintaining a relationship, sometimes the scales do not tip in our favor. Modern Love Radio is a place to get real about love when we are real about living a life we love.

  • Dating Game Changer – Photos

    August 2014

    We live in a visual world. The phrase coined over a hundred years ago, a picture is worth a thousand words, is truer today than any other generation before us. In the world of dating, whether online or through a matchmaking service, one photo could be a game-changer. The right picture could be the difference between a date and being single forever. In my interview with Courtney Ortiz (www.courtneyortiz.com), owner and founder of Courtney Ortiz Photography, we discuss what the right photo will do for your love life!   Enjoy.

  • Beauty Lives on the Inside

    July 2014

    Most people in the dating world feel like if they looked a certain way, they would already be married to the man or woman of their dreams. The truth is that beauty lives on the inside and no amount of outer beauty will ever replace that. On this show, you will learn how to amp up your inner beauty and become a person who is destined for true love.

  • The Right Relationship will Lead to your Dream Career

    June 2014

    Can the right relationship lead you to your dream career? ABSOLUTELY! On today’s show, I will be talking with Maxine Haber, owner and creator of STARcise (www.starcise.com) about how her relationship with her husband allowed her to build and grow the business of her dreams. Listen here for the special sauce!

  • The Truth about Love & Money

    March 2014

    It’s tax season so I thought it would be perfect to talk about LOVE & MONEY. The truth about money and relationships is that money is what most people fight about. On this segment of Modern Love, you will hear my interview with Bette Hochberger, CPA, on how to handle your finances and growing business when you find THE ONE!

  • Live your Life in Love in the Month of Love!

    February 2014

    It’s the official Month of Love! On this show, you will hear about how to live your life in love. Whether single or in a relationship, your love life will literally amp up when you fall in love with yourself!! Get a taste of the secrets to living your life in love right here.

  • 3 Steps to Setting yourself up for a Year Filled With Love

    January 2014

    My FIRST Episode: Set Yourself Up for a Year Filled with Love. On my premier show, you will learn about 3 steps to own your love life and make a serious commitment to your heart. If you are wondering how to change up your love life and start today, listen right here!